Sneak Peak!

This last weekend I worked with a great company, SitGREEN. I did a photoshoot of some of their awesome 100% recyclable furniture made from cardboard! Here’s a sneak peak at the shoot!

photoThe Chair.

This comes from The Cubist line. More to come soon!


Artist at work

I’ve been meaning to make this post for far too long. Life keeps getting in my way and distracting me. I will do my best to be more consistent with my posts from now on!

I have been working on some new images to make photogravures out of and wanted to share the digital works in progress. When finished they will be on one sheet of paper displayed together as a triptych. Once I get them printed I’ll add a new portfolio with the finished product along with some of my other finished photogravures! Let me know what you think of them!