In tune with my previous post about thinking about the things I want to do and goals I want to accomplis I’ve made a list to refer back to and keep me in check. Try doing the same if you find yourself struggling to do the things you want.

Short Term Goal

  •  Graduate from ASU
  • Camping, hiking more
  • Lensbaby (Completed)
  • Kelly Moore Bag
    • For all my photo gear! Plus super fashionable for whatever you need to stay organized.
  • Learn German
  • Familiarize myself with more artist

Long Term/continuous Goals

  •  Travel
  • Starting my own photo business
    • Whether that means traveling, band, portrait, wedding, ect.
  • Have more “me” time
  • Being more assertive

Happy Goal Making!


New Lens!

For the last few years I’ve been telling myself I was going to get a Lensbaby. And over the years I’ve been waiting for it to magically pop into existence in my life. Even thought it’s something I really wanted for whatever reason I kept coming up with these excuses on why I should hold off on purchasing it. There was always something.

I’ve finally stopped giving myself reasons not to buy and it feels great knowing I will soon (it’s in the mail) be the proud owner of the Composer. I’ve also begun thinking about other aspects of my life and what things I may have been holding back on as well. I’ve decided that I need to start making steps towards the things that I want, no one else is going to do it for me and I can’t be afraid of getting the things that are important to me done. The lens was just a small example of a bigger problem. I don’t want to make excuses to not do the things I’m passionate about and I don’t think anyone should.