DIY Photobooth

I thought since I had been talking so much about my photobooth and had been showing the final effects of my shoot it would be fun for you all to see the making of the booth. It wasn’t terribly difficult WITH HELP. I think that was key. There was no way I could have done this alone. Or at the very least it would have been much more difficult and time consuming. First, what you need to do is decide how big you want your booth to be. Once you figure that out you should be able to go to any hardware store that will have boxes that size. I got mine from Lowe’s. You will need to ask someone for a box specifically since, I came to find out, they will shred and tear up old boxes and not just toss them into the dumpsters. This should be free. Once you have the box it is best to measure and decide how much and what kind of fabric you will need to get the effect you want. That will give you the basis for your photobooth. Everything else is optional and depending on how you want to spiff if up is up to you. I went with the general theme of old time circus, especially with my penn name being The B.LIND PHOTOGRAPHER. It all seemed to flow together.

Here’s the process documented in photos:

The Props.

Hanging/gluing the fabric (clothes pins were really helpful while the glue was drying)

Outside of the box to draw attention.

The mustaches cut from posterboard.

The booth all set up!

Final Photostrip for the people taking photos.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cardboard box

Enough fabric to cover the desired space (I used 6 yards of red velvet and covered the edges with white to reflect light)

1 hot glue gun and plenty of sticks, I think I went through about 10 (to adhere the fabric to the box)

Clothes pins (to hold fabric while glue dries)

2 NEW SharpiesS(to write on the box, optional)

Fun top hats and necklaces (optional)

1 posterboard, to make cut outs, I made mustaches and lips, get creative! (optional)

1 dowel, this is to attach those above mentioned cut outs so people can hold them up (optional)

1 chair or bench, giving someone a place to sit makes it easier to frame them in the photograph.

The chair from my booth is from an awesome eco-friendly company called SitGREEN. Check it out! They do great work and are starting a new line of furniture that completely reconstructs the idea of recycled furniture. Virtually everything they make be able to be reused and recycled to make new chairs forever.


Step right up!

The long awaited photos are here! Find yours to save it! 🙂